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About this site

The vast majority of stock quote providers only give you information on the stocks that you specify. This site helps you choose those stocks. By wisely using this site, investors have the information nobody else has: which stocks are going down and which ones are going up in the range you're interested in. Then traders just follow the classic rule: buy cheap and sell high. If you think this kind of information is for you, welcome to the dynamic world of! contains two parts: "Delayed real time" stock scanner/screener and trading strategy simulator.

The scanner/screener is your tool for monitoring the stock market. You can search and sort over 10,000 stocks based on ticker symbols, prices, price changes, trade volumes, trade times, etc. The scanner/screener gives you unique opportunities to sort on criteria such as quotes, absolute and relative price changes, and compare stocks by many different criteria.

The trading strategy simulator allows you to create different trading strategies and see how they behave in the real market.

We give you one of the most powerfull decision making tools in the world. Use it wisely and carefully.

Your feedback is very important to us. If you have any questions or suggestions, please don't hesitate to contact us.


Like everything we do, this service is absolutly unique. It provides tools for intelligent investors that are not available elsewhere.

With our state-of-the art technology and expertise,

You will use our pre-defined market conditions as your building blocks while designing your own trading strategies.

You will test your own trading strategies in the real market. Our programs will maintain their portfolios for you. You can think of our programs as of your own trading agents.

You can have as many as five different agents at a time.

If you wish, you will receive daily emails with the stock quotes and picks that match your investment preferences.

You can participate in designing and testing new trading strategies.

You will be able to compete with other investors and compare your strategies against theirs.

For information on how to use the, create, activate, delete, or modify your strategies, please refer to our FAQ page. You'll also find there information about your subscription.

We constantly update our FAQ page. If you email us with any reasonable question, we will post our answer there.

Our servers are continuously scanning and screening virtually all stock quotes in the major US markets and evaluating the most attractive deals based upon strategies that you specify.


About Trading Strategies

Apparently, financial markets are there to help ordinary people invest their spare money and get rich quickly.

If you agree with the above statement, you don't have to read further. Otherwise, proceed with caution.

The truth is, except for rare cases, financial markets can be qualified as legalized gambling. They were invented to raise capital for big companies and their executives and make the rich even richer by taking the money away from ordinary people.

Exceptions might be when you use financial markets for your needs and convenience, like raising funds, taking out a loan, converting currencies, exchanging commodities, or making a long term investment.

That is why there are no market analysts who became rich by playing financial markets. They use mostly abstract fundamental and technical characteristics of the securities to justify traders' mistakes and help traders agree on forward rates and risks. However, analysts can't predict or forecast the real markets.

Security behavior is not predictable in modern volatile markets, however, crowd behavior is. To consistenly beat the market, you just have to use a consistent market strategy and always go against the crowd. The crowd always loses.

Our Strategy Simulator and Tester helps you define and test your own winning trading strategy. Look at what you can do:

Define a strategy that buys when everybody's selling. That might be a bargain because of overestimated bad news.
Define a strategy that sells short when everybody's buying. The stock might be overbought and will drop.
Define a strategy that searches for over- or under-sold stocks.
Define a strategy that searches for stocks with the similar behavior.
Define a strategy that searches for stocks that plunged -- they will rebound.
Define a strategy that searches for stocks that soar -- you might want to sell them short.
Look for bad news. When a company has bad news, its stock easily drops by 10%-20%. When a company has good news, its stock rarely goes up by 5%.
See for yourself. Be the master of your universe.


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